Thursday, July 31, 2014

US soldiers saw an UFO

This video was allegedly recorded back in March 2014 by US Marines in Afghanistan.

Is this UFO sighting real of faked by a CGI? You decide!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The International Space Station Recently a Source for UFO Sightings

UFOs have been reportedly in different places in the world, on Mars, and recently, around International Space Station (ISS). 

Many people who are interested in space spend some time to look on ISS live camera feeds. Some of them observed something strange and immediately posted them to YouTube. These kinds of videos are increasing on YouTube waiting for solid explanations. 

On the 11th of September 2012, YouTube username danielofdoriaa posted a video claiming that ISS live feed of NASA captured a big, elongated UFO with smaller strange objects above it. 

The video seems to show an extraterrestrial mothership releasing smaller craft possible heading down to Earth or Mars. 

Chief photo/video experts at the Mutual UFO Network, Marc Dantonio, said that the video is obviously another instance of mistaken identity. 

According to Dantonio, the object only looked like it was outside the window but it was not in reality. He said that he noticed that the object was far less focus than the other things outside. He concluded that the object was not outside the window but on the window. 

Dantonio is the owner FX Models in Connecticut. They make special effects and models for different government projects in the United States. Dantonio has already made flying models that have been seen as UFOs. 

Dantonio believes that ISS UFO is not a hoax. He said that this is only an inside reflection on the window. This made the object so large and did not move even as the station was moving at 17,500 miles per hour. Another suggestion he offered is that the alleged UFO remained out of focus to the camera from a distance. 

In both suggestions, it is reasonable to conclude that the crew certainly observed the massive object but only one man happened to catch it while watching the live feed on NASA TV and disclose what he noticed to the world. 

Recently, another video was posted to YouTube by myunhauzen74 showing another unidentified flying object caught by the ISS camera. The video shows a bright, pulsating unidentified object somehow changes its color and shape.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unidentified Object Reported Flying Low

An unidentified flying object was reportedly hovering a foot or less off the land in Calera, Alabama. There were many witnesses of the strange thing and one of them was a man who made an opportunity to take a CCTV photo of the similar objects, whose shape was identical to that of a disc, in Cotulla, Texas. 

The couple reported to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they saw a bright light while they were driving North on I-65. The object got their attention that made them to decide to drive back to the location where they observed it. At first, the man thought object as a tower head but later concluded that it was a hovering ufo with two bright lights. 

In the report, the man indicated that the ufo was too close to them that he and his wife could have hit it with a stone. He described that the unidentified flying object has two blinking lights with red light in its middle part. Looking from far, the couple thought that the lights were coming from a tower, but as they drew near, a silver disc object stunned them. 

The couple felt that the ufo was also watching them while tilting towards them. The strange object immediately disappeared in about a minute according to the man’s report. Aside from the couple, many have reported the same account. But the man and his wife were the only witnesses who decided to check the lights closely.