Friday, January 18, 2013

Nick Pope warns on UFOs

They believe in the existence and activity of the UFOs has been taken to another level as they are not only feared for rare and random seldom abductions and attacks which has been the case in the past. There has been a widely speculated mass attack and open warfare that might be possible on the human planet earth especially as it affects those countries that the activities of the UFOs has been noticed in the recent past. 

This is the reason why Nick Pope who is an UFO expert and a former investigator on UFOs with the United Kingdom’s ministry of defense has warned UK to beware of the threat of the UFOs. He said that the London 2012 Olympics can be a very tempting and appropriate lure for the UFOs and their alien occupants to attack the earth. 

The aliens which Pope said have detected the existence of men long time ago, perhaps due to the noise of the atomic bomb which detonated in the 1940s and the rockets which have been sent into the orbit a long time ago are believed to have also monitored the psychology and activities of men through TV radar and network radiations. 

These aliens according to Pope might be invisible, powerful, and have a lot of technologies and fighting tools we don’t know about. Due to this, he advocated great unity among nations during this period, if only France will not pull away and become indifferent as they did during the Second World War. 

He chose to toe this line as against the established evidence that most of his counterparts in the government who also have access to classified files as he has have decided over the years to hide some facts and keep the world on the loop as it concerns the possibilities and even the truth about the activities of the UFOs.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Guide to a Tour at Area 51

Las Vegas is home to strange characters and odd events on and off the record. But Nevada’s most populated city has nothing better to offer than what Rachel has. Off the interstate 15 is the military facility popularly known as Area 51. 

This base is a fabled one. This is the most intriguing and secretive military base in the whole world. It has already been featured in several films and in documentaries, more commonly known to laymen as “The Real X-Files. 

To drive along the perimeter of Area 51, one has to go through the Joshua Tree Forest. This part of the state has been allegedly deformed with UFO radiation. Enthusiasts of UFOs and the extraterrestrial phenomena have a particular site where they gather during the evening, have a vigil and expect to see extraordinary things happen. They call it the “The Black Mailbox”. 

Everyone should be warned that the Air Force guards wearing camouflage uniforms and riding in the fortified trucks that patrol the boundaries of Area 51 are heavily armed. The area is highly restricted. It has motion and listening devices positioned on the roadside or hidden behind plants and surveillance cameras. It is rumoured that if someone happens to cross the perimeter by accident or with intent, men in black suits would immediately appear out of the ether and slap hand cuffs on the trespasser. 

Dead alien bodies and recovered spacecrafts were allegedly kept by the government in some underground hangar below Area 51. Included there is the remains of the UFO crash discovered in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1948. Having known all of these, one might be able to spot some UFOs hovering over the facility. Extraterrestrials might be searching for their lost kin. 

Warning signs would welcome you even miles before the exact location of the facility. They read “The use of deadly force is authorized” and “No picture taking allowed”. 

What the government is hiding inside the Area 51 has been a mystery to many. As long as the military base holds secrets, the public will surely be more intrigued over the years. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

God Religion & Extraterrestrials is about this- The Allies of Humanity – not Billy Graham

April 12, 2011 was the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. The warfare between the states over vassalage. However, this article isn’t about the American Civil War. It’s all about aliens – the very first slave possessors. 

Paranormal does not only denote with ghosts and souls. It’s also about extraterrestrials, aliens, and other elements that we can see as something creepy. Who would have ever thought that these aliens are the first slaves? This can be found in fictitious movies like Battlestar Galactica and Starwars in the 80’s and 90’s and other similar flicks in the first decades of 20th century. Another evidence is shown in the popular radio production “War of the Worlds”, which is rumored to have been a psychological study on the American people to know how they would respond to a likely occurrence. 

An internet search will expose several references to various extraterrestrial tribes throughout the universe. The most popular in scientific circles is the Mars. If human life exists in Mars, then it’ll perhaps live underground. There are fictitious tales and flicks regarding cultivations that subsist underground like the “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. 

There are primeval references to some famous planets in the earth’s past. Venus was the God of Love, Mars was the God of War, and Saturn with its rings was purportedly the movie “Lord of the Rings” talks about. Some sculptures of these “Gods”, which were epitomized by different planets in the solar system. Jupiter was one of these planets. 

Dogons – an extraterrestrial tribe from another solar system was adored by Africa. Chinese people had their own extraterrestrial God – the Dragon is the most famous representation of their culture. China vassalage was feasibly more subtle than what was experienced in the American Civil War. Making debt as the money of the economy after the civil war to dominate all the people in the country instead of only for past slaves and monetizing human’s worth by physical labor. 

China’s military is considered as cruel to their own people. America has no disparity with them because of using lethal military force. Texas mass killing of guiltless youngsters of a religious cult that wasn’t essential and gun firing college students at Kent State University.