Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Guide to a Tour at Area 51

Las Vegas is home to strange characters and odd events on and off the record. But Nevada’s most populated city has nothing better to offer than what Rachel has. Off the interstate 15 is the military facility popularly known as Area 51. 

This base is a fabled one. This is the most intriguing and secretive military base in the whole world. It has already been featured in several films and in documentaries, more commonly known to laymen as “The Real X-Files. 

To drive along the perimeter of Area 51, one has to go through the Joshua Tree Forest. This part of the state has been allegedly deformed with UFO radiation. Enthusiasts of UFOs and the extraterrestrial phenomena have a particular site where they gather during the evening, have a vigil and expect to see extraordinary things happen. They call it the “The Black Mailbox”. 

Everyone should be warned that the Air Force guards wearing camouflage uniforms and riding in the fortified trucks that patrol the boundaries of Area 51 are heavily armed. The area is highly restricted. It has motion and listening devices positioned on the roadside or hidden behind plants and surveillance cameras. It is rumoured that if someone happens to cross the perimeter by accident or with intent, men in black suits would immediately appear out of the ether and slap hand cuffs on the trespasser. 

Dead alien bodies and recovered spacecrafts were allegedly kept by the government in some underground hangar below Area 51. Included there is the remains of the UFO crash discovered in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1948. Having known all of these, one might be able to spot some UFOs hovering over the facility. Extraterrestrials might be searching for their lost kin. 

Warning signs would welcome you even miles before the exact location of the facility. They read “The use of deadly force is authorized” and “No picture taking allowed”. 

What the government is hiding inside the Area 51 has been a mystery to many. As long as the military base holds secrets, the public will surely be more intrigued over the years.