Wednesday, March 27, 2013

UFO Seen Over Scotland

Several residents of Berwickshire, Scotland reported that they saw mysterious blue lights resembling ufos in the sky last month. They claimed that the lights were so strange that it was their first time to see such. 

One of the witnesses, John Robinson, sent to Berwich Adviser newspaper photographs of the ufo he caught while walking his dog one evening. Robinson said that he thought the lights came from the headlights of a passing car but eventually noticed that they were actually coming from a large bright orb over the night sky. He added that the UFO was so fast that it disappeared into the sky at a tremendous speed.

The next evening another reporting witness named Paul Taylor sent photos of a similar object to Berwick Advisor. Taylor took the pictures of the object when he noticed a blue light in the sky while driving home. 

Many have also reported similar sightings in Yorkshire. Some described that object as a low flying meteorite. However, other residents of Berwickshire that what witnesses saw were actually not ufos but the northern lights or debris falling from the other space. 

Both Robinson and Taylor believe that the unidentified flying object was of extraterrestrial origin and that man is not alone in the universe.