Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How To Find A UFO With Alien Pilot On Google Earth?

An alleged space alien was captured on Google Earth maneuvering its UFO from the inside. This is what UFO enthusiast Scott Waring has been claiming in a video he posted to YouTube a few weeks ago. 

Waring seems so thrilled to discover the UFO over the skies of Montana in which he considers as not just a regular UFO as it has a roundish head out from the top. He even made a six-minute video guide to ensure everyone can see it for themselves. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to viewing it as provided by Waring. 

1. On Google Earth, find Trout Creek, Montana. 

2. Find the bridge above the river on the Highway 200. Grab the peg man (the little orange guy) and drag him on to the bridge. 

3. You will then be having a Street View where you can see the UFO in the sky by scrolling up. If you scroll up further, you can find the sun. 

4. To get a better look, zoom in and you can see clearly the head on top of the UFO. 

5. With keen observation, you can see the alien poking its head out the top. 

Waring notes that anybody can see the UFO and its alien pilot up to a kilometer away in twenty different areas on Google Earth. Have you tried it? Tell us using the comment section.