Thursday, September 25, 2014

UFO Sighting in Thailand Created A Buzz In Online Community

On December 25, high school students of Sawang Dindaeng School in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand celebrated its Sports Day and several outdoor activities were organised. One of the participants of outdoor activities was Thidarat Boonlee who decided to take a picture of the occasion. 

Around 2 in the afternoon, she took a photo of her friends using a cellphone. After taking a look of her shot, she found out that aside from her friends, she also took a photo of a saucer-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO). 

Sceptical of what she captured on photo, she decided to take another photo of the same spot but to no avail, the flying saucer disappeared. The UFO in the picture appeared behind the coconut tree. 

Thidarat is known as well-behaved student in their school and her English teacher, Weerayos Yuttarin, believes that it is unlikely for Thidarat to fabricate the story. Weerayos also heard several teachers talking about their UFO experiences on the same day. 

It looks like alleged alien visitors have returned to an old saucer-shape spacecraft. In 1950s the Adamski photograph made a stir which showed a flying saucer over California but later found out that it was a truck hubcap.