Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Were UFOs Once Landed in Stonehenge With Grey Aliens On Board?

Stonehenge is one of the popular places about alien stories. UFO enthusiasts believe that unidentified flying objects with extra-terrestrials on board once landed on this place. They theorise that grey aliens made contact with the humanoids and these extra-terrestrials build the Stonehenge. 

A video in YouTube shows an image of Stonehenge that resembles to the grey aliens with dark big eyes and head. The footage was shot by a tourist who was just curious on the area. As the lens of the camera was focused all over the place, it captured an image similar to grey aliens scripted on the stone. 

The uploader superimposes an image of the grey aliens to show the similarity of what he found on one of the stones in the tourist spot. Is this just a coincidence or a proof that grey aliens once lived in the Stonehenge? What do you think?